Hearing Aid Accessories

surflink_mobileBluetooth & Cell Phone Connectivity:
Many of our hearing aid systems come with the ability to connect your hearing aid units directly to your cell phone via your Bluetooth. Imagine hearing your cell phone conversations, wirelessly, in both ears, and with full correction of your hearing loss! It is amazing to hear how well these systems work and how well you can actually hear on the cell phone. We have many different hearing aid systems that come with connectivity.

TV Wireless Connectivity: Most of us watch many more hours of television than we realize. It is how we keep connected to what is happening in the world around us. Recent research has shown that using a wireless link between the TV and the hearing aids can improve the clarity of the TV by up to 80%. Because of these dramatic finding, we have many manufacturers who are now offering TV connectivity with their hearing improvement systems. You can listen to these many devices in our office by scheduling a TV viewing demonstration.

Communication Microphones: Are you using hearing aid systems but still having trouble hearing well in the car or in very noisy restaurants? Then a Wireless Communication Microphone may be the answer. This is a small unit that the speaker wears clipped to their shirt and it sends their voice directly to your hearing aids. This allows you to hear clearly in almost any amount of noise.

iPod and Computer Connectivity: Want to listen to your IPod (or any MP3 Player) with full correction of your hearing aids? How about hooking directly up to your computer’s audio output? Yes this is all possible with many of our hearing aids that keep you connected to your world!

Stand Alone Accessories

alds_amplifiedphoneAmplified Phones: If you have a hearing loss we can assist you in getting a FREE amplified telephone from the California Telephone Access Program. We have all for the necessary forms and will complete them for you, choose the right phone for your needs, and submit the application on your behalf. There is generally about a 2 week wait from when we submit the forms and when your phone arrives at your home. You are limited to one phone per hearing impaired person. If you need extra amplified phones we can assist you in getting those too.

Wireless Personal Hearing System for TV: We use recommend the Sennheiser system which is a top of the line unit. This is a simple system to use for watching TV without disturbing your neighbors or your family. We don’t sell these units ourselves as you can buy them directly for less money and with better warranties. We will tell you where to shop by phone or internet and what to buy.

Personal Amplifiers, amplified alarm clocks and other special devices: If you have a communication problem there is probably an assistive device to help with it. We are experts in helping you figure out what the real problems are in directing you to the best solutions for your problems. If we do not sell the product ourselves we will refer you to the best supplier for you to use. This is just part of the services that we provide our patients.

Specialty Ear Protection

hearingprotection_defendearProtecting your ears and your hearing is very important. Getting the right ear protection is the secret to preserving your hearing. We understand this and that is why we offer a wide selection of custom products at very reasonable prices.

Musician’s Ear Protection: This is a group that really must protect their hearing as good hearing is critical to performing as a musician. We offer specialty musicians ear protection from Westone, a leader in custom ear protection. These come in very discrete in the canal size plugs that hide inside the ear canal. You can choose the degree of protection you need by choosing a filtering level. These special ear plugs let in the full frequency spectrum of the sound but just reduce the volume to a more acceptable level.

Swimmers Earmolds: Both children and adults can need swimmers earplugs. We offer a range of colors and they all come in floatable materials so you cannot easily lose them. Protect your ears while showering, bathing and swimming by using these custom earmolds.

Specialty Earmolds & Protectors: If you have a need there is an earplug for you. Some have filters that open when there is no noise and then close to protect you when the noise hits them. Others offer built in receivers so you can hear over radios and other devices while still listening to a radio. These are great for motorcyclists. Whatever type of noise protection problem you have there is probably a specialty earmold to help protect you. Perhaps you just want a custom earpiece for your cell phone, IiPod or other audio device. We can get almost anything you can imagine. Just contact us and ask.

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