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Hearing Healthcare with Convenient Payment Plans

Financing Options: A variety of financing options allow you to get the hearing aid systems you need at a price you can afford. Whether you want the 12-18 month interest free program or prefer to pay them off over 24-48 months in low monthly installments we have a plan to meet your needs.

Interest Free Financing Plans: We offer 12-18 month interest free financing on approved credit. You are charged absolutely NO INTEREST as long as you make regular minimum payments and pay off the balance by the end of the year.

24-48 Month Term Payments: Under this plan you can pay off the hearing aid system over several months with very low monthly payments, once you have been approved for credit. The interest rate is fixed for the term of the loan and is very reasonable. The application process is simple and the credit approval is very liberal so most patients can easily qualify.


Certain insurance companies have a benefit towards the purchase of your hearing instrument. Whittier Hearing Center will assist you in determining a benefit that can assist with the cost of the instruments and in many cases directly bill your insurance for payment. Whittier Hearing Center is a participating provider for most insurance companies.

Some of the plans we participate in are PERS, Anthem/Blue Cross, Blue Shield, Secure Horizons, PacifiCare, United Health Care, and HealthNet. We also work with many retiree and active employee programs such as Boeing Retiree Plans, PIH Health Employees, Operating Engineers, Gas Company, and Southern California Edison to name just a few.

If you did not see your insurance plan or employer in this group please contact us. We are preferred providers with so many insurance companies, health care plans, medical groups and hospitals that it is hard to list them all. We have a dedicated insurance expert who will gladly check your personal insurance and see what your benefits are and how you can best access them. Just call us at (562) 698- 0581 and ask for the Insurance Desk.

Worker’s Compensation:

We are experienced in dealing with Worker’s Compensation for hearing aids. We can get an authorization to assess your hearing loss and listening needs. We then work with your adjuster to get approval for the hearing aid system that you need to restore your hearing and your life to as close to normal as possible. We accept Worker’s Compensation referrals from physicians, patients, attorneys, and worker’s compensation companies.

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Does my insurance offer any hearing benefits?

Many plans offer benefits for hearing aids. Our experienced insurance expert is happy to contact your insurance company and determine exactly what your benefits are. This saves you time and often saves you money. Because we work with so many plans we frequently know their benefits better than the customer service agent on the phone and can direct them to the section of the contract that covers hearing aids. All we need is the info from your insurance card to make that call for you.

Why do hearing aids cost so much?

The cost of hearing aids is usually the result of a few things: the quality of sound that the unit produces, the features included that help the user hear better, the quality of the components of the unit, and the custom fitting and follow-up care by the specialist who fits your hearing aids. Although inexpensive hearing aids do exist, they are typically made with low-quality components, are not correctly fit to treat your specific hearing loss, and do not include any professional care by a highly trained provider who will help you get the most out of your investment.

Does Medicare cover hearing aids?

Medicare Part B (medical insurance) will cover the diagnostic hearing and balance exams only if your primary care physician orders these tests based on symptoms, conditions, or complaints that would require medical treatment. Medicare does not currently cover regular hearing exams or treatment, including hearing aids and exams for fitting hearing aids.

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