Our Practice

Our Mission

To continue our legacy practice by embracing what has defined us for the past 60 years: improving our patients’ quality of life through better hearing.
We will serve the needs of our community, our country, and our world with a commitment to excellence and compassion in all that we do.

About Us

At Whittier Hearing Center we are dedicated to helping you find the right solutions for your hearing problems. Our staff of licensed professionals use the latest in diagnostic test equipment to insure that you get an accurate hearing test. They take the time to explain the results to you, in language you can understand. They answer all the questions you may have about hearing, hearing loss, and hearing aids.

You can trust your hearing to us. We are the clinical/rehabilitative audiologists for many local medical facilities including Presbyterian Health Physicians, AppleCare, Allied Health, Whittier Hospital and Presbyterian Intercommunity Hospital. We also work with many local ENTs and all the neurotologists centers at UCI, UCLA, USC, and House Ear Clinic.

For many years they have trusted their patients to us for both diagnostic testing and for hearing aids. That is a trust that has been earned over the years by the quality of care we provide. Furthermore, our services are not only for people who have hearing problems. We offer custom made hearing protection for musicians and people who work in noisy environments. We also do custom-made in-the-ear monitors for musicians and custom fit ear pieces for hands-free cellular phone operation. Our custom-made swim molds are a must-have for both children and adults who enjoy swimming and going to the beach.

We are the oldest (and largest) facility of our kind in the area. Whittier Hearing Center has been serving the needs of the community from the same location in Uptown Whittier for over 60 years. While the staff has changed over the years, our commitment to serving the needs of our patients has not. We’re here to help people live the life they want with the hearing they have. See our services page for more information.

Here is our promise to you. A promise we have been making, and keeping, for over 60 years!

You will never find a hearing aid sales person at Whittier Hearing Center. What you will find are highly educated, well trained, caring, concerned professionals dedicated to helping you find the best solutions for your personal hearing problems.

7 Reasons to Visit

We believe that educated patients are our best patients.

We provide our patients with educational materials about hearing loss and the technology options available, to help you make informed choices about your hearing care.

Our expertise and variety of services mean you get the care you deserve.

Our hearing care providers have the skill set to develop a comprehensive better-hearing treatment plan that incorporates the most effective hearing treatment options.

Detailed audiometric testing means we address the specific nature of your unique hearing loss.

Our diagnostic examinations accurately determine what listening environments are particularly problematic for your lifestyle, and a treatment plan is developed specifically for your individual hearing needs.

State-of-the-art hearing aids optimize your ability to hear.

We work with the world’s best manufacturers, and we offer a complete lineup of the most technologically advanced hearing systems available anywhere.

We offer exact hearing aid fitting and programming to your satisfaction.

Armed with an accurate diagnosis, our providers cater to your hearing needs with technology that is comfortable to wear and offers unmatched clarity.

Exceptional follow-up care means you get ongoing, personalized customer service.

As part of our Full Service Plan you will receive free in office serving and cleaning of your hearing aids, re-checks of our hearing, and adjustments to your programming as needed for hearing and lifestyle changes.

We absolutely love what we do!

We’re motivated by helping people reconnect with their families and loved ones through better hearing, and our passion for better hearing means you get the best experience — every time.