What Sets Us Apart

The Whittier Hearing Center is built on two cornerstones

Expertise in the field of Audiology combined with technology that’s on par with the most advanced facilities in the world

The more you understand about your level of hearing loss and the technology options available to you, the greater the chances that you will hear your best. That is why, online and in our office, we provide patient-driven educational materials to give you all the answers you need to make informed choices about your hearing care.

Our staff has over 90 years of combined experience. This experience allows us to know who needs further medical care and who does not; who needs hearing improvement systems and who does not; which hearing improvement system is right for you, your hearing loss, your life style and your budget.

We work with the world’s best manufacturers, who invest $180 million annually in research and development in order to offer a complete lineup of the most technologically advanced hearing systems available anywhere.

Even the most advanced hearing aids can create frustration if they are not properly programmed to hearing loss and lifestyle needs. We use the most advanced fitting methods available to ensure that your devices are comfortable and provide you with maximum improvement.

Your relationship with us continues well beyond the initial fitting. Your follow-up care includes ongoing office visits to make certain your hearing aids continue to provide you with the greatest benefit possible. Cleanings, in office servicing and repairs, and reprogramming for new listening situations and environments are all part of the Full Service Plan we offer our patients.

Bringing improved hearing and better communication to our patients’ lives is our passion. Seeing people reconnect with their families and loved ones is a tremendous pleasure for us. We strive to continue making such connections and are constantly motivated to do so by the joyful stories of all that our patients are experiencing through better hearing!

The patient care you’d receive from a small family practice

While we are the largest audiology practice in the area and offer the widest range of services we are still a “small family business.”

We don’t have an automated phone system. When you call our practice, your call will be answered by a human being. And that person will assist you. You won’t need to press a button or be transferred. And we strive to have Spanish speaking personnel available, should you require a bilingual representative.

We understand that many of our patients are juggling several doctor appointments on a daily basis. So we always call the day prior to offer a friendly appointment reminder. We can even text or email the reminder if that’s preferred.

If it’s your first time coming to our practice, we’ll mail you a packet of forms to fill out at your leisure, so you’re not rushed to get them done before your appointment begins. And that packet will also include driving directions to our practice.

We employ an in-house insurance expert who is happy to check your hearing benefit so you don’t have to hassle with the insurance company yourself. She will also bill on your behalf and insure that you get the maximum benefit coming to you.

Our practice is very easy to get to. We’re located in our own building, rather than a large medical facility. And we offer plenty of street parking. So you won’t have to deal with a massive parking structure, elevator and stairs, or getting your parking validated.

If your appointment is scheduled for 1:00, you’ll be seen at 1:00 to 1:10. You won’t have to sit in our waiting room for an hour. Should we ever run a little late on getting you in, we have a large library of books for you to enjoy. You can even take them home and return them at your convenience.

Our staff genuinely cares about improving your quality of life. No one in our practice works on commission so they have absolutely no incentive to sell you a hearing aid you don’t need.

Whittier Hearing

13121 E. Philadelphia St.
Whittier, CA 90601

(562) 698-0581


Office Hours

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